***We are open for New Year. We look forward to seeing you with a special New Year setting. For 1-3 January, we accommodate up to 12 people in one time. 

IMPORTANT: If you are booking for the same day, please telephone or come to our shop and speak to us directly. (Open hours from 9:00 AM to 18:00) If you show up without direct confirmation from us, either by phone or email, then there is no guarantee that you have a reservation. 

We're very sorry to have to say this, but all too often customers fire off a reservation request for the same day and then immediately leave their hotel. Without access to the internet they are unable to check their email, and so they turn up to find that they do not actually have a reservation and that we are unable to accommodate them. This is an important notice for both of us. Thank you for your understanding.

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Reservation Date (MONTH/DATE/YEAR please)
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Additional 3000 yen(+tax). Please give us the number of male and female in the message box. We will book with Yume-Kyoto an hour prior to your tea ceremony booking. Please see 'Kimono Plan' page for more information.
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